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Important Message about CFITrainer.Net from IAAI President

Important Message about CFITrainer.Net from IAAI President Last month, there were 25,598 sessions where users spent an average of 14:25 minutes on CFITrainer.Net! That is more than 6,000 hours of training! There has been no cost to you thanks to the Fire Prevention & Safety Grant from FEMA/USFA, the donation of experts' time, and partners offering support to defer expenses. As we move ahead, it will be imperative that we raise revenue to pay for new content and updates. The competition for funds is greater than ever, and last year other organizations received funding and we did not. Very soon we will be re-applying for funding from the Fire Grant Program. At the same time, the Fire Grant rating system looks to us for plans to sustain our program without funding. So even if we are lucky enough to get another grant, we will still need to show that we are raising money toward sustaining CFITrainer.Net. That is where you come in. Please show us and the Fire Grant program that you value CFITrainer.Net! Donate now. George A. Codding, IAAI-CFI® President International Association of Arson Investigators

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