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Active Membership
Active Membership in the Chapter is open to those individuals in public safety and private individuals engaged in the investigation of fire and explosions.

Life Membership
A) Life membership in the International carries life membership in the Chapter subject to approval of the International and the Chapter's Membership Committee.

B) Members of the loca
l chapter in good standing can apply for life membership to the membership committee after a period of 20 years. Dues will be waived for all life members of the chapter.

Membership Dues
NEW MEMBERSHIP $45.00 ($35.00 Annual + $10.00 Initial) AND ANNUAL RENEWAL MEMBER  DUES ARE $35.00 PER YEAR

Sustaining Membership
Individuals, organizations, businesses, firms, corporations, and other parties interested in carrying out the objectives of the chapter may be granted sustaining membership. The Annual cost and level of sustaining membership shall be in accordance with guidelines established by the Board of Directors.

Qualifications of Membership
Prior to voting upon each application, the Membership Committee shall give due consideration to the following, among other qualifications it deems applicable, to wit:

I) the personal character and reputation of the applicant,

2) the nature, character and reputation of the applicant's business,

3) the character and reputation of the applicant's employer and associates, and

4) the general nature, character, and reputation of the principal business of the applicant's employer and associates. No person shall be eligible for any class of membership if he/she has been a member, or is presently a member, or becomes a member of a subversive organization whose objectives and operations are inconsistent with the objectives of the Chapter.

Membership Approvals
Applications for membership shall be made to the Chapter office. Upon the recommendation of an active member, in good standing, the Chapter shall process such and application in accordance with Section I of this Article. The Chapter office shall submit a list of prospective members to the Chairman of the Membership Committee, for submission to the general membership for their approval

To request more information:

P.O. Box 457

Finksburg, MD 21048   

​Tel: 240-347-3777 ​

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